Solved Can't use FQDN in Drive desktop client

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Solved Can't use FQDN in Drive desktop client

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I've downloaded the Drive app on a Mac. I can access my 'Drive' folders over the LAN using the IP address, however the Drive app won't let me connect if I try to use the domain name. I've tried all the combinations I can think. Drive is set up to allow access at mydomain.tld/drive, port 10003 is set up in DSM for https.

I can access the Synology using its FQDN to manage via DSM as well as contacts and calendars using desktop apps.

Obvs, Drive won't work when I go off my LAN.

Any bright ideas?!
Control Panel > Application Portal. Have you configured it there?
Yes, that's where you can set the alias and ports isn't it. The alias is set to /drive. Ports are off again for the minute.

But meanwhile... I have downloaded the client to an iPad and guess what, that works fine. Even on SSL using the FQDN (although the settings aren't clear or editable once your logged in but I'm 99% sure I'm in on SSL. And meanwhile meanwhile I tried the Notes app on the iPad and double guess what that works fine too. So its not my setup or connections. Could it be the desktop app is to blame. Its not a proper macOS app really AFAICS.
And just to be sure you are testing ipad access inside your lan as well?

Yes, but here's interesting. In the DSM Synology Drive Admin Console, under Client List I see the Mac and iPad. The iPad (on the same WiFi, same LAN) shows its IP address as that of the WAN but the Mac shows its LAN address.
I've deleted the app and all its preference files etc and reinstalled but its exactly the same. Are you using it inside and outside of your LAN @Rusty ? LAN IP or FQDN?
Isn't the 'www.mydomain.tld/drive' access just for web browsers? I can't remember of the top of my head. But 'drive.mydomain.tld' should work. In fact my Mac works with just 'www.mydomain.tld'.

I guess there's a difference between the desktop app and mobile app access. Where mobile apps, and also web browsers, will be accessing via HTTPS and so use TCP 443 or whatever you may have assigned for Drive, but desktop apps are using the sync API which is listening on TCP 6690 (a hangover from Cloud Station).

This means that it doesn't matter what you use to get to the NAS from the desktop app: IP address or a FQDN that ends up at the NAS. What really matters is TCP 6690 gets to the NAS. Obvs. the Drive server certificate should match what you use.

But for web requests and mobile apps once the request gets to the NAS it then has to be reverse proxied (that's what Application Portal is doing but in a nicer way) so that it ends up at Drive server's web API. So you use Application Portal FQDN 'alias' or subfolder.
What really matters is TCP 6690 gets to the NAS.

Thank you! That fixed it. Opened port 6690 and port forwarded to the NAS. Now the desktop is connecting using the FQDN over SSL. No /drive either, in fact that doesn't work.

(I didn't miss any instructions did I? There's no way I'd know I'd need a port from a depreciated app!)

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