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Car MUT diagnostic mapping

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Order is order, then I will move my topic to Lounge.

@SynoMan could you pls remove my original post? Thx
Here is the content:
but I have also better part of the device fingerprint usage.
Last week I spent with analyzes of my off-road behavior.
The reason has been like this:
Car stopped on traffic lights and 5sec. refused all my acceleration pedal try to continue in my way. There was normal feedback from pedal to revs, but car was like turtle. Just 5km/h. Five seconds. Then a miracle and everything was back to normal. Few times during the week.
My technician from car repair shop spent 2 days with analyze what is happened. Because no Faul codes observed from car ECU.
I like tech stuff, then I use OBD2 with Torque Pro App in my Android Car radio.Also with realtime logging feature for each ECU sensors.
What I found, that there is an auto-immune protection of Automatic transmission (another control unit) for brake pedal usage during an acceleration (acc. pedal usage). Then A/T goes to “safe mode” till you release the brake pedal.
This was the real reason, and reason, why the car ECU Fault code list was empty.
Brake pedal light switch has two functions- brake light + brake ledal release signal to A/T ECU.
Then I found, that there is MUT protocol (for ECU comm), which is able detect all statuses. But only if you have MUT diagnostic tool/laptop connected to your car. Now I work for the car sensors fingerprint tracking in realtime to logs, then syncing to Drive and analyze in PowerBi to find better answer, than Fault codes only. It can save a time for future.
Do you have an experiences with the MUT?
Sure you can do a lot with the diagnosis software from AUDI or BMW/MB, but the car infotainment system is till at its very early and OEM-solely controlled stage, also very hardware-specific firmware and coding system, e.g. maybe you have heard "component control"? i.e. the electronic components in the car are totally registered at OEM's central database, you cannot buy any aftermarket component and install it yourself (or by a cheaper non-authorized garage/dealer). One side is for safety, but the other side is the monopoly high cost control.

but back to the topic:
  • it is not about car infotainment. From APP logic side the car infotainment is just front end
  • I am looking for the SSH layer, then MUT (Multi Use Tester) protocol is appropriate
  • then you need to understand Open ECU
  • fortunately for Mitsubishi there is big Open ECU and MUT world (tuners), but not for diagnostic or even fault prediction
  • then all the faults reasons are describable (there is final specific group of reasons)
  • but if you don't have logs from pre-fault period, you have to (many times) spend lot of labor time with the analyze
  • how you can analyze past without data? Then you can analyze presence only. All the historic data can provide the finger prints to your puzzle.
  • specific problems occurs (for your wallet) when dealership would like replace whole system instead real "small" reason (spare part sale driven business).

Back to reality about "electronic components in the car are totally registered at OEM's central database, you cannot buy any aftermarket component and install it yourself".
Seriously? :cool:
Did you tried it? Because me - yes. And you will save more than 50% for the parts. Look here - for japanese & german car parts: link . It is fast delivery and safe - and out of alike fairy tales. This source used many times for me and friends from our offroad club. 100% satisfaction, no doubt.

Re safety spare parts - an example:
  • APP sensor - Accelerator pedal position sensor - if you lose right value metric from the APPS, you can lose your ability to car move (frequent problem). For you there is cost of repair (anytime) + time of your inconvenience.
  • but you can read data on the fly and predict future malfunction of the APPS = because this APPS malfunction comes not from day to day event = it is about series of events in time (measurable).
Dtto for TPS valve, EGR valve, .... sometime is cleaning of the components cheaper than replacement. Just 1 hour labor time for these mentioned. It is not about find anytime just the cheap (low quality) solution. Question is, why I need to pay 250Euro + labor time for new (not damaged part), when I can pay just 80Euro for cleaning (because it was just smutty).

Now I have series of successful predictions done for Mitsu Pajero (Montero).
I don't think this is MUT but it's about cars, and since we're sitting at the lounge waiting for all the connected UPS devices to decide whether to show up or not on the latest DSM, here goes…

I remember a friend of a friend showing us his NO2 enabled muscle car.

NO2 tanks on the back of the trunk with tubes allover the place going to the engine bay. In the "cockpit", some switches and a fly-by-wire 10" touch screen to "smartly" control all the gizmos with some gauges that I don't understand. And he was proudly explaining the relationship between the gauges and how he can control some with the touch of his finger.

But as I was watching him I've only had one thought, what's the core of this system, how does it run?
I asked, and without missing a beat he said Windows. I think it was 7 at that time!
And my reply was: what if you're doing 200+ in this rocket and you get the blue screen of death on your Windows thingy?!

He looked at me, no answer.
Not sure if he's still around today.
:) yes, yes. it was old joke about: when automotive will run in same fast development as Microsoft,how the car will provide in near future. Car needs stop in middle of the highway for update, and so on.

... the speed running is not my target, it is never ending story for maniacs. it is like running for a best CPU performance in thin line between success and death (for the CPU it is more safe).
The finger prints topic open my reflection to times, when any piece in the car was controlled mechanically. Now we have ECU for engine, independent ECU for A/T, independent ECU for ABS, .... and what is the final statement? In near history car-technician was smudged from oil. Now, the technician needs to be ECU master, to recognize reason. Or just parts replacer, by vendor description. How you recognize both of them?
Now, the technician needs to be ECU master, to recognize reason. Or just parts replacer
That's a good point. Unfortunately, I see the trend is to replace rather than fix. Most parts are black boxes that get diagnosed by a machine (ECU?) and it's either working or to be replaced!

Very expensive too!
Most parts are black boxes that get diagnosed by a machine (ECU?) and it's either working or to be replaced!
black boxes just for car users (same like in NAS). But still a simple logic there, reason why is there only microcontroller and not CPU (with MS).
In basic - almost each active part in the car has sensor, or two :cool: . Then the “replacers” checking Fault codes only. Same as Techsupport from Syno. No faultcodes = no problem.
Fixers are looking for a dependencies.

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