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Just started with my 220+ and have the audio station app on my iPhone which does fine on my home network. I noticed the audio station came up on my CarPlay (Chevy) and was real excited to be able to access my tunes in the truck... but when I open the app in CarPlay it spins... tryin to access.... nothing. Any place to start the diagnostic steps would be appreciated. I have not gone to DMS 7 but otherwise all up to date.
First thing is to confirm that you have network access from the iPhone and NAS: is the car parked within range of your WiFi? If not, have you enabled Internet access to the NAS?

Otherwise, I recall the CarPlay features of DS audio being somewhat limited. This is what was posted on the other forum when they added CarPlay:
  • Enjoy all types of songs randomly selected for you with Random 100.
  • Pin your favorite playlists, artists, and albums to My Pins.
  • Find the latest added album collections in Recently Added.
  • Access your personal playlists and group playlists in Playlists.
Synology Community: CarPlay beta

Since I haven't driven much in the last year I've forgotten what it does but recall that it wasn't providing full access to my library. TBH I found other apps to work better with CarPlay, get better access to your library:
  • Downloaded music: just use Apple's Music app and manually manage your music from Finder/iTunes (as per macOS)
  • My music library on the NAS: Plexamp (free with Plex Pass or in-app purchase)
  • Streaming service: Tidal (or Spotify with free account)
Being ma-hooo-sively tight when it comes to paying for mobile data [especially in an acoustically non-optimum metal box], I have a Plex library of lo-bitrate music. Plexamp has streaming settings that can transcode my ALAC hi-res to lo-res and does work well, I just prefer to be 100% sure that I'm not wasting money on bits I can't hear. Very easy to select a different library in Plexamp and start using that.
My truck has unlimited data wifi. I can access DS Audio now but it seems like the selection of music still needed to be done on iPhone app rather than through the hands free carplay app... very crude set up. I am disappointed but haven't ruled out it is something I have not configured correctly. That said I am incredibly disappointed in the "new and improved" Photos in DSM 7.... so maybe this is just lousy stuff... which isn't worth fretting about.

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