Changing SHR-2 to SHR - Backup and reinstall options or a new Syno box?

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Changing SHR-2 to SHR - Backup and reinstall options or a new Syno box?

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Following on from Need to increase storage - a couple of options I'm taking the hint and want to use SHR rather than SHR-2 in future. I know I can't change the RAID type but I still must have a couple of options.

The obvious one is a new Disk Station, probably a DS1522+, cos I listened to advice! I'd fill that with five 12TB drives for more than enough SHR storage (43TB up from 18TB), migrate my DS918+ over and repurpose that DS to be SHR as well with 27TB for backup or other duties. All for around £1500 + VAT.

On the other hand... Is it madness to think of making a backup or two, wiping the DS918+, reformatting to SHR then restoring to my 27TB of space? That's what I'd do on a Mac. But do I really need another Synology to create a Hyper Backup on to save and restore? Or can it be done to/from a Local Storage?

It does seem scary and dangerous but then again I could do a lot of scary and dangerous things with £1500.
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I don’t have anywhere as much storage needs as you, but my old belief in redundant storage had me buy a second NAS, (and a third for software & hardware experimentation). Have added 2TB SSD eSATA on each NAS for triple redundant storage of “extra important data” for all three NAS’s. Cost of SSD/eSATA on 3x NAS far less than purchasing multiple larger drives for SHR on 3x NAS’s.
Each NAS’s included 2 free camera support justified cost of extra NAS somewhat, (plus a few more camera licenses) but created 3 separate locations to store all our security videos and pictures that are automatically truncated for date and folder size, too. No needed cleanup maintenance by me.
All three use same power supply. Bought 3rd party Replacement & installed, so one spare tested Synology supply is on the shelf.

My vote: multiple NAS’s Multiple storage locations, less overall drive space needed (because no 'backups' are made or stored), and USB Copy of data is in Safe.

But! Over and above all that: Yes! UPS on each; whole house surge; whole house generator; Router; Firewall & Packet Sniffer.

PS: my computer 'backups' are spare cloned SSD & 15K SCSI drives in the safe, with dates indicating when clone was made...

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