Chat Beta ver 2.2.0 1423 - tested

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Chat Beta ver 2.2.0 1423 - tested

Synology, TrueNAS
Operating system
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  2. Windows
New Beta for Chat -ver 2.2.0-1423
installed right now to my test NAS
client is still same (1.1.0-56 for Win, 2.5.0-423 iOS )

What is new and useful:
1. import of all NAS user automatically - hurray

2. Inserting files directly from NAS directory:
a) Windows client - as attachment, but not like link (I am waiting for it). In the release is mentioned insert link directly from Synology Drive - doesn't work (not found).
b) iOS - as attachement, but there is support for file insert from Syno Drive. Yes. Unfortunately not as link.

3. login name - support for blank characters, yes it was horrible in previous ver.

and few useful admin tools
yes, but useful for small group encrypted special purpose comm, out of Facebook and others watching. then you don’t need WUp! features, security is first. No performance eating.
The biggest hurdle to overcome is getting users to regularly run the Chat client. In the past I've had many IM type accounts and only the ones were there were significant/specific communities using them have any been worth running.

Within work that has been Sametime, Jabber, and Skype. Personally I've only really used iMessage since it is integrated with SMS.

For the more broadcast IM/chat systems then I see these more as interruption and noise generators for unthinking senders rather than useful tools for receivers.

As for Synology Chat, this could be useful in a small corporate/group environment that doesn't want to use public services nor can afford business costs of the mainstream providers. For the home then we have to use whatever system is the best for eliciting a response from the kids.
or for situations where email is not needed and instant chat with file exchange is more useful.
We use Skype a lot. It's good for quick back-and-forths plus sending files, also screen sharing and then audio/video calls. Email is now more for long form or asynchronous communications.

So Syno Chat would be good for the chat/file sharing part of Skype. Not sure about the rest.
Today I found accidentally hidden feature in the Syno Chat for iOS:
1. if you need chat about a specific file (new, update, etc.)
2. you can put a shared link created by Drive to chat (desktop/web/smart App version of the Drive)
3. then you can open the link in iOS Chat APP by your choice:
  • in predefined browser
  • or directly in the Drive. This is it. No need insert an attachment.

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