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Question Cleaning up user groups

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At the risk of making changes that may have unknown downstream effects, I was curious about two user group assignments I failed to document.
  1. I have a user group "video" which, as far as I can tell, only contains the user Plex. I suspect this is something I dreamt up some time ago but was curious if this is a feature/requirement of Plex installation. Initially, I plan to drop Plex from this group, with the intention of ultimately deleting this group. Am I overlooking anything here?
  2. My administrator account also belongs to the http group. I understand this is not a default setting, so it's likely something I added in response to a package I installed. Since my NAS is basically a plain vanilla install with Plex, Docker, WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV... I wondered if anyone here might know why my administrator account would be assigned to the http group... assuming it wasn't an arbitrary thing I did.
Thanks for any feedback
Am I overlooking anything here?
Just went to check on this, and to my surprise, I also have a video group that the Plex account is a member of. I know I didn't make the group or add a plex user to it, so I would not do it if I were you. Also, I have confirmed this on multiple Plex servers that I have.

My administrator account also belongs to the HTTP group
I have also checked this and my admin account (on top of that it is disabled) is not a member of the HTTP group.
Odd thing is that the "video" group to which Plex belongs has no rights assignment. It's unclear why that group exists, and why Plex is part of that. Unless Synology set that up thinking a video group would be for those who have access to the video shared folder.

O the mystery of it all.
Yep... from the Plex spk (Package Center & sourced)...



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