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Setting up a new NAS, and copying all the data from the old one, but with a little re-organization into new shares structure. The old one is still backing up to B2 Backblaze, but this will probably be turned off in the next day or two. Of course, when I set up Hyperbackup on the new device, it's going to make another full replication of 3 TB, and take a few days to upload that to B2.

Is there any easy and safe way to avoid this massive data duplication and upload, on B2?

I'm wondering I were to do zero re-organization during the move, just a dumb copy, would it be possible to have the new NAS just incrementally pick up B2 where the old left off? If so, I guess I could do the little bit of planned reorganization after the move and re-establishment of backups from the new device. I'm guessing this is probably not a practical wish, too many things to get just right for it to be a practical solution, but figured I had to ask before uploading another 3 TB to a cloud service.
HB as of recent support backup and recover of its configuration. That includes its tasks. So, if you move the data to the exact place on your new NAS, recover HB configuration on your new NAS you should be able to resume the task.

Can’t guarantee it as I do not use B2 services. Maybe someone else can.
Thanks, Rusty! I was specifically avoiding copying configuration, as I suspect I have at least some user rights errors and holes in the config of the older NAS. So maybe I'm stuck just doing a full fresh backup, after things are transferred to the new NAS.

Eventually the older material will either age out, or I could probably even delete it from B2, but it does mean carrying an awful lot of duplicate data with them for at least awhile in the interim.
I was specifically avoiding copying configuration, as I suspect I have at least some user rights errors and holes in the config of the older NAS
Your decision is likely the best one, however know that configuration restore is not “all or none”... there are choices available during restore (I don't have a reference to those handy).

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