Cloud Sync deprecated, OneDrive sync?

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Cloud Sync deprecated, OneDrive sync?

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Since CloudSync will be removed from DSM anytime soon, what's the preferred way to synchronise OneDrive content from Microsoft servers to my local NAS?
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You are correct,indeed!

Nevertheless, I've installed Cloud Station on my DS916+,still running latest DSM and started the app afterwards.
But after waiting for a while the app did not start and never showed its configuration page. I uninstalled again and repeated all steps tonno avail either.

So, no chance to get this done, I even restartet the DS and tried again, still no luck. The ressource manager did not reveal anything special, so does the log.

So any tips what to check to get Cloud Station running again? FWIW, I had CS installed and properly running some months if not years before on this very same Diskstation, but uninstalled it for some reasons.

Last question: can I setup CS for each user separately to let each user use their own OneDrive credentials and therefore synchronise their own private data to their dedicated home directories?
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To sync to oneDrive, you need Cloud SYNC, NOT the depreciated cloud STATION

cloud station functionality has been replaced by Drive Several years ago.
cloud sync is up to date and supported.
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Ok, sorry guys for confusion!

I'm about using Cloud Sync on my DS916+. Cloud Station is not even available in Package Manager. So basically, I get Cloud Sync installed but after starting it, it gets hung in an endless loop without ever seeing the administration UI.

That's the reason I posted the initial question here and assumed that this package is already deprecated.

Edit: just gave it a new try and installed for a third or forth time, don't know exactly, but this time the admin UI popped up as expected. So, problem solved although I don't know why ATM.

Anyway one last question still remains. Can I use several different accounts with Cloud Sync and give each DS/AD user their own chance to use their private OneDrive account synchronisation?
Thanks for letting us know, yes assumptions are the mother of all f* ups.
So your issue is that you cannot run cloud sync as it hangs.
I cannot help you with that unfortunately, packages may not start if some underlying process is corrupted or messed up, like rsync.
I would ask synology support to have a look now de-install-reinstall does not help.
Thanks for you reply!

Right now CS runs perfectly and I guess I can setup more than one OneDrive account.
And obviously I can sync to different targets, too, e.g. different users home folders.

So problem completely solved! 😂

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