CloudSync "up to date" but missing files

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CloudSync "up to date" but missing files

we use synology cloudsync to backup about 150 sharepoint connections (TEAMS) but now i noticed that we are missing some files on the synology but synology seems "up to date" a do nothing :-(

We dont have files bigger than 1GB (mostly doc, pdf,...), long names or forbidden symbols. If I unlink/link again it uploud all files but i cannot do that witch every connection and i do not know how to check every connection...

Do you have any suggestion how to fix that?

Thank you very much
Can you give a bit more details how exactly have you configured this on the client side of things?
On the synology I create new connetion -> sharepoint -> download remote changes only and select folders i want to sync...

Is it what do you think about?



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Looks good. Was just wondering what you are targeting in Sharepoint online as only "document library" objects are supported.

Considering that relink solves this, I would advise to contact Syno support on the matter. Maybe they will have more insight into what could be preventing regular syncs and reporting false/positive ones.
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Perfect thanks for the Information! I will choose the second solution with each sync for a subfolder.

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