CMS: How to add multiple NAS from the same network to manage remotely?

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CMS: How to add multiple NAS from the same network to manage remotely?

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Hi all,

I am facing an issue with CMS and multiple NAS on the same network.

I have 3 NAS at home and one NAS on a different location, the 3 NAS at home can be reached over https://ip:port but out of those 3 I can only add one to CMS.

CMS always gives me an error that the NAS can not be reached/added. The NAS that can be added is reachable over the normal https setting (5001) the others have ports (and are forwarded) on a higher range.

I login with my user name (and not admin account). Anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!
others have ports (and are forwarded) on a higher range
You mean normal forwarding, not proxied?

My two NAS setup don't use the default DSM ports, and they are also different port to each other. The DS218+ runs CMS and both it and the DS215j are connected as servers.

I login with my user name (and not admin account).
To what?

Thanks for replying, maybe I didn't express myself properly, let me try to give it another shot.

So NAS 2 & NAS 3 are running different HTTPS ports (not the 5001 standard one), NAS 1 is running HTTPS on the regular port and allows me to connect from the NAS-MASTER (different location (not on the same network at all).

They are normally forwarded on a ubiquiti gear with port XXXXX and forward port XXXXX (TCP). (I took the rule of NAS1 and changed the ports and the static IP that is assigned on the network).

When I go to CMS on the NAS-MASTER I got NAS 1 added with ip: port https ticked username somethingsomething pass somethingsomething, when I try to add NAS 2 & NAS 3 with the assigned port I receive an error message and I can not add them.

Hope this explains

Hmm. So sounds similar to my setup for non-standard DSM ports for HTTPS but I don't have a NAS hidden behind a firewall (and port forwarding).

I can't see why your NAS 1 works and the other two don't.

I just tried to add in (again) my DS215j using an alternative FQDN (it's still resolved by my local DNS server to the same LAN IP) with HTTPS selected and the non-std port number. I used my admin user account to login. Seemed to work as it asked for the 2FA code and then replaced my original CMS entry for the DS215j.

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