CMS - Unable to connect via HTTPS on one client device

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CMS - Unable to connect via HTTPS on one client device

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Having a problem connecting CMS to a single NAS via HTTPS.

If I let CMS auto-configure the connection it leaves me with plain HTTP on port 5000:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 15.23.58.png

If I set HTTPS manually on port 5001, either at initial setup or via an edit of the existing CMS connection:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 15.27.15.png

It instantly returns the following caption:

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 15.27.43.png

I have no such issue on my other NASes but the NAS with the issue (Dragon - an RS217) is the only unit I have running the DSM 7 beta (7.0-41222) with all the others running DSM 6.2.4-25556.

I have no issues connecting to the DSM web service on the troubled NAS via HTTPS on port 5001; I've not spotted any difference in configuration for this NAS either, apart from the differences introduced in DSM 7. I've never had the RS217 under the CMS umbrella before so no idea if it worked on DSM 6. Outside of the HTTPS issue the CMS link works flawlessly and even offers the new DSM 7 icons when you click on the CMS Application tab.

Anyone run into this before or can point me at something to check or change?
It may have been finicky about it when I tried (I think it was) but I have my DS215j on DSM 7 beta and it's connected to DS1520+'s CMS using HTTPS.

I've tried to update Universal Search beta package on the DS215j via CMS and it never works. Maybe because it's a DSM 7 beta package and it's not listed on the NAS itself? When the DSM 6 NAS's don't yet have the update alert in their Package Centers but CMS knows about it then the update works.
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