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My wife and I want to share an album of pictures of our girls. Is it possible to set up a collaborative album? Or, does she and I have to share our albums separately? I would like to have 1 album let’s say from a family vacation instead of her album of the vacation and my album of the vacation.

Enable Shared Photo Library​

Shared Photo Library allows you and users with permissions to collaboratively edit the photos and albums in Synology Moments. Please note that only users belonging to the administrative groups can enable this feature.

To enable Shared Photo Library:​

  1. Click the Account icon on the bottom-left corner and select Settings > Shared Photo Library > Enable Shared Photo Library.
  2. Click Next to confirm and enable Shared Photo Library.
  3. Select users to grant them the permissions to access Shared Photo Library.
  4. Click OK to finish. Now you can switch between My Photo Library and Shared Photo Library.


  • The shared folder named /photo is the default path for Shared Photo Library.
  • If you have already installed Photo Station, the photos in Photo Station can be displayed after the source of photos is switched to Shared Photo Library in Synology Moments. Please note that the converted thumbnails in Photo Station will not be processed again.
  • After Shared Photo Library is enabled, the Photo Station settings such as album permission, conversion rule, or other downloading settings will not migrate to or be inherited by Synology Moments.
So... interesting enough, I put my wife and I as "users" not as "admins" to someone's advice. I did this a while ago. Now, I am not sure if this is tied to that or not but I do not have a "shared photo library" option in my wife or mines profile; however, when I go into the one admin account I created it is available in there. Is this an option that is only available to admins?
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I did this and it didn’t change anything for the “regular” users. I only refreshed the user, maybe I need to logout and back log back in to the regular user account?
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That was in fact the problem. Once I logged out and back in it showed up for me. Now.... Do these albums show up on the mobile? And, where do the files uploaded into this shared album live? Do they still live in the drive of the original user who posted to the album. So it seems like I have to select the Shared Folder in the app. So the workflow is making sure you have your personal album or shared album selected before uploading any pictures, otherwise you have to copy from one location, as I didn't see an option to "move".
Do these albums show up on the mobile?
Select in the app's 'More' settings ... Source of Photos.
Do they still live in the drive of the original user who posted to the album
My usage has been to copy to the Shared Album where the original files remain in my standard account.

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