Configure influxdb to listen for data

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Configure influxdb to listen for data

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Hi Everyone,

Any influxdb / telegraf expert here?

I installed influxdb and telegraf on my synology NAS. (latest version) using docker

The nas is a DS1517+ with DSM 7

Mu goal is to monitor the NAS and other equipements with grafana/influxdb/telegraf

I'm struggling with this part :


(data in this picture don't come from my Nas, but I should follow the same process)

I can't set the the environment variable with my API token using the command line provided by influxdb. Is it ok If I do it with docker GUI? It should be done in influxdb container of course?

If not, could you tell me the right way to do it?

Could please tell me if my token permissions are well configured ? They were configured by influxdb when I initiated the config file creation trough influxdb.


Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards.


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