DSM 6.2 Configuring printer server

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DSM 6.2 Configuring printer server

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Trying to add my (very) old Canon MX860 to my DSM 6.2 config. I have added it by IP address, configured it as BJNP and enabled 'Apple Wireless Printing'.

It is detected by Apple clients and all seems OK, but when they do a print preview it is in black and white. When looking through their options it is always black and white and no options exist to print in colour.....

Also, when looking at the NAS shares under Windows, there are two network printers visible 'mx860' (the one I defined) and 'CanonMX860' which seems to be a duplicate. Not sure wht it shows two...

Any suggestions how to force this to print in colour would be much appreciated.
They could not see or add it on their iPhones. Not sure why. That said, not looked at the options for a fair while. Maybe it works now... Will try.
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Just a quick update. Even though on iPhone it says black and white only, it prints in colour OK. From my Android phone I get a typical print device selection options. So either way it prints OK.

The only other thing that is strange is I always have two shared printers defined when looking at the normal shared folders. They both disappear if I delete the printer from within DSM and both reappear when I add a printer. Can live with this, but very odd that two printers turn up under the shared folders.
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