DSM 7.1 Connecting to Alexa

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DSM 7.1 Connecting to Alexa

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Frustrated with connecting to Alexa. Followed the Instructions here: How do I enable the Audio Station skill on Amazon Alexa? - Synology Knowledge Center
Which meant first I had to set up a DDNS hostname, which I did following instructions and used the automatic generation of SSL from Lets Encrypt.
All seemed to go as instructed.
So I returned to Audio Station Advanced settings to put a tick in the Alexa box and select the hostname I have just created with the port set at 5001. I get the error message: Failed to Apply Settings. Please check Internet Connectivity and ensure normal access from your Synology NAS to the Internet.
As far as I can tell I have normal activity. I can play music on other devices on my network. I can remotely access files and music via DS File and DS Audio on my Iphone. How else can I check internet activity?
Is there some step I have missed from these instructions? How can I check my SSL certificate? Does this work in the UK?
Help much appreciated Tx
I have this working in the UK, it is way overcomplicated to get working though and a royal PITA. BTW Amazon's servers process and downscale all your music to 128kbit/s, it's that bad lol.
Have you port forwarded audio stations port on your router?

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