Connecting to DSM/local network via OpenVPN

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Connecting to DSM/local network via OpenVPN

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I had the same problem, I was able to setup a VPN connection to my NAS, was able to logon to my router (192.168.*) but not able to connect to my NAS on the home network adres. I found my solution on this site: Synology Community

The fix for me was to un-check the "Enable Multiple Gateways" in Network in the Control Panel.
Go to Control Panel->Network->General->Advanced Settings.

As soon as it was un-checked, I was able to access all my devices in my home network.
This is a very interesting solution, I never noticed those checkboxes existed !
I unchecked it, but cannot confirm if this will do the trick since for some reason, the VPN cannot connect anymore since this morning (timeout in OpenVPN Connect app)

After a quick search, I noticed that the Connection Test Result were set to "Failed" for all my port forwarding rules. (Control Panel > External Access > Router Configuration, after pressing Test Connection)

As you may have guessed, I am using UPnP on my workplace's Technicolor router, but I get the same result by disabling UPnP and manually entering the rules myself on the router directly.
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Just as a suggestion, could you try and use a drifferent ovpn client? Personally I used to use Viscosity by SparkLabs. There is a 30 day trial option.

This is just a test to see if there is some issue on the client side in terms of the actual client itself.
I just tested using Viscosity, and the connection hits a timeout as well.
I however got a warning saying my configuration was using an unsafe OpenVPN command ('script-security')
I still allowed Viscosity to try to connect, but I am curious what that was about.

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