Connection with iMac with ethernet cable DS920+

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Connection with iMac with ethernet cable DS920+

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Hi all!

I have been a Drobo user for more than 10yrs. It seems that company is slowly dying or they just don't care anymore about their products anymore.
Anyway I got myself DS920+ and have been using it for couple of days.

I want to connect it directly to my iMac and not via router/switch. Why? My iMac is connected over WiFi and router is just enough far away that I don&t want to have cable round the house. I just managed to move router to another room to avoid having cables so I would like to have it connected directly to my iMac (same as Drobo).

First problem they I encountered was internet connection. While I was able to see DS920+ in browser and connect to it I didn't have internet connection in NAS.
NAS was visible in Finder and speeds of transfering data to it are decent (around 120 MBs).
After I managed to solve this one (internet sharing connection from WiFi over to ethernet) I encountered another one: now I can't connect to NAS in Finder (connection fails but NAS is visible in network.
How to fix this: I really want to have direct connection to NAS and not over Wifi (speed of transfer are around 70MBs and I my idea is to use this machine for Plex mainly).
Thx for any help!

I managed to solve the puzzle :)

If using VPN on iMac it seems NAS can't connect directly to internet anymore.

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