Contacts created on iPhone not syncing with Synology Contacts

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Contacts created on iPhone not syncing with Synology Contacts

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I just noticed that the contacts I create on my iPhone when on the go are not making it to Synology Contacts. I currently have 390 contacts on my iPhone and only 368 contacts in the NAS.

For reference, I only use Synology Contacts in the iPhone; all other contact services are off.

How can I get the iPhone to push the missing contacts into the NAS?
The Synology account is set to Fetch Hourly. In addition the Push slider is set to on and this seems to impact all accounts. I have no option to set the specific Synology account to Push.

It hasn't been syncing for a while since the difference in contact count is so large (I rarely add new contacts).

I tried pulling contacts down, but it did not sync anything new to the NAS.

I've also verified that the phone can access the NAS on my home wireless network as I can access other Synology stuff.
Do you have additional address books in Contacts, plus the Team address book?

I have 770 contacts in my main address book, 14 in Team (i.e. the other DSM accounts), and 1 is a test second address book. So iOS Contacts says I have 785 in total, but really I only have 770.

I see macOS Contacts only shows the main address book, and any labels it uses.
This is what I have:


I'm sure some are out of sync. I have specific contacts on my phone that I've added within a month or so that are not on the NAS.
I’m loathed to suggest disabling the connection or deleting the account in iOS settings, as I’m not sure that won’t just lose the iPhone content (I think you will lose it). The tedious task would be to go through each list and determine the mismatches. Then you can decide how to manually add the missing contacts to the web Contacts.

It is possible to share contacts from iOS, individually, which would be marginally quicker than re-typing.

While I can use Synology Calendar and Contacts and have setup these, I still use iCloud as it’s easier. And it’s someone else’s problem to keep the servers running.
Well, I tried fiddling with it and lost the new contacts that weren't sync'd. It isn't the end of the world, but it is quite disappointing. I've gone back to iCloud for contacts from here on out.
I tried using Synology Contacts a while back and I was never able to sync them with my iPhone. I also have an issue with Nextcloud syncing with the iPhone (Nextcloud is not running on my NAS), so I don't know if it's a change in the iPhone or what. :(

Synology contacts has never worked correctly for me - not on iOS or Android. I use Nextcloud in a docker container on my Synology NAS and calendar/contact syncing is very reliable and so easy to set up. On iOS the Nextcloud app will even set it all up for you.

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