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Copy specific files from local array to remote array

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My friend and I both have Synology devices. Periodically I want to send him a few large video files. I have access to his array via Quick Connect. Is there a simple way to periodically (on demand) copy one or two files from my array to a specific folder on his array? Please note, I do not want/need to sync entire folders. I would prefer to do this without having to use a desktop app (i.e. Teamviewer, etc). I suppose I could create a temporary folder on both arrays and use a DS tool to keep them in sync then quickconnect to his array and move it from the temp folder to the desired target folder but I was hoping I could do this in one shot. Or can I use a DS utility to do a one way push or sync of whatever files it finds in my "Stuff to send to Jim" folder and drop it in his "Videos" folder? Just kicking ideas around. Please advise what tools I could use to do this with. Thanks.
Maybe create a shared folder and “share” it. Same on the other side and whatever you want to share, just copy to your shared folder and he can access it with the link. The same for the other side.

If you want to automate it then you’ll need a script with a schedule to copy to that particular folder.
QuickConnect will be slow.

Someone here might have a better idea.
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FWIW the "files" are video format. I just want to add the file to "Movies" folder on his computer. I am not using any of the Syno tools to watch, catalog, or do anything with the file because I swear I recall issues with syno sync tools and "system named folders".

I suppose I could sync Gordon's Movies folder with Jim's Movies folder but I want my cake and want to eat it too. The sync cannot remove anything from my folder, but I can. If I delete a file from Movies, I don't want to delete it from Jims Movies folder. If Jim deletes a file I don't want it to disappear from my folder. Too much to ask?
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So it’s one way from you to him?
And if you delete a file, you don’t want it to be deleted on his NAS?

I believe if you use rsync, the destination will always match the source (You don’t want that).

I don’t use QuickConnect, but he can give you access to a shared folder and you can copy the files. But QuickConnect is slow (relay).

The other option is to mount a remote folder. Not sure if this works with QuickConnect, but you can try. If not then DDNS or Tailscale.

You can automate it by using Task Manager to run a daily script that copies new files (maybe based on age), something like this:

find /volume1/local_directory -type f -mtime -1 -exec cp -a "{}" /volume1/mounted_directory \;

You can try some or a combination of the above and see.
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