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Coronavirus impact

Some news from data interpretation:
- Italy - every from 20 regions are in decrease trend with Median of 7 days daily increment

- Lombardy - first time gets this Median under 10%, now is 5,7%. Perfect for them
- Median of test success in Italy is just about 1,6% till now, it was never higher than 3,3%. Must be a reason of such small efficiency (too much pointless tests based on panic, low-quality tests, ...), even Lombardy have just max 5.6% positive test ratio. This is the reason, how is right approach of testing necessary.
- Death toll in Italy is really high and too different between regions. See to the chart below - orange line. When Lombardy has 13,6%, near Veneto just 3.6% (also member of Top 4 infected regions in Italy).

The Corona epidemic has taught us to be much more human than before. I've spent almost 3 weeks with my family and working from home now. We only go outside the house for walks and (inevitably) buying what can't be purchased over the internet. I, however was met with something I thought was already lost - humanity. People prioritize others over themselves while shopping. They even greet each other despite having never met. Sometimes we have to lose something to gain something more valuable.

Hardly earned humanity from every single point of view.
I must say, it feels weird looking up in the sky (here in the Netherlands) and not seeing any airplane stripes anymore.

Al this climate talk in the last years, and all of a sudden look at what's happening...

I forced myself to write to the Deputy Prime Minister yesterday, because I had already studied second study of state health institute to develop COVID-19 in my country. 14 days ago, these mathematicians calculated that in our country almost 50% would be infected based on the applied coefficient R0 = 4.
Follow this kind of attitude I wrote to them (14 days ago) that it was at least weird and unusable, since it wasn't even in Italy. I wrote to them reasons and recommendations for better model.

Yesterday, in the updated version of their study, I found that they counted less than R0 = 2, even R0=1.6. They counted the general population mobility parameter at 100 or 70 or 35%. What does mean? That 100/70/30 percent of the population will move everyday from home to somewhere - for whole population same mobility index! OMG is a beautiful example of when mathematicians create a model that is mathematically correct, but too far from reality.
Obviously nobody used benchmark data from territorial units (regions, districts) of individual countries in the EU, because we would otherwise gain a new Lombardy here follow the verdicts from the study. To be sure for the country where daily increment of the infected are under 10% from March 22nd and Median of the daily increment (7 days period) is under 10% more than 14 days. Even more available benchmarks. Insufficient Data interpretation frequently leads to mistakes. Bad, bad
In the U.S. the president is recommending, not requiring, facemask (any mask, not necessarily medical grade, which no one can obtain anyway) use for all...

Now this... In my neighborhood, a woman is going door-to-door offering to make masks for everyone (she claims to be a "seamstress"). Hmmm...
  • In a time of social-distancing, she is now a common source for whatever ills lurk among our residents.
  • Notable too... she wasn't wearing a facemask.
Where did all the clowns come from?
Some unknown source in the ethosphere said:
Heard a Doctor on TV say to get through the boredom of self-isolation we should finish things we start and thus have more calm in our lives.

So I looked through the house to find all the things i've started but hadn't finished... so I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiumun srciptuns, an a box a chocletz.

Yu haf no idr how feckin fablus I feel rite now.

Sned this to all who need inner piss. An telum u luvum.

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