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CPU limiting?

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Is it possible to limit container access to CPU?

I've tried:
          memory: 500m
          cpus: '0.10'
But I get the following error:
Error response from daemon: NanoCPUs can not be set, as your kernel does not support CPU CFS scheduler or the cgroup is not mounted.
It works if I only limit the memory.

Thanks in advance!
Nope, not going to work on a Syno. The kernel lacks required modules. This will work on ever other Linux system like a charme.

Kind of related, but still unrelated: the UI provides a way to configure at least a cpu priority for a container (low/mid/high), but I have no idea to wich compose configuration items it translates (and I kind of don't care enough to find out).
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Also the deploy item either requires the docker compose docker cli plugin or a very recent docker-compose version. Using the cli plugin has some advantages, as it supports more of the configuration items that were previously for swarm stack deployments only.

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