CUE sheet support (DSM 7)

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CUE sheet support (DSM 7)

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With arrival of DSM 7, there's been changes with Audio Station,

as a result, GAPLESS PLAYBACK finally works!

on the other hand .CUE sheet support is broken (and wasn't present in DSM 6/6.2):

if an album is one .FLAC file with tracks defined by .CUE (text) file, tracks are cut off randomly, elapsed duration is displayed wrong, playhead disappears and gets stuck on right edge of Audio Station window

Synology knows about the issue, I even went through quite detailed support ticket thread, yet after almost 5 months the issue hasn't been fixed yet!
Welcome to the forum and thanks for the info.

I've only a few concert files (19 in total) that I keep as single hi-res ALAC with an associated CUE file. They seem to be working for me, both in DSM 7 and previously in DSM 6. These ALAC are 24-bit and either 48 or 96 kHz created using Rogue Amoeba's Fission, which also generated the CUE file.

I've noticed that the CUE file's contents can lead it to being ignored in some players, and I forget which: I recall that Fission may add a GENRE entry but it has to be commented out using REM otherwise it may not work. Here's the start of one that works (playing it now):

PERFORMER "David Gilmour"
TITLE "Live At Pompeii (HiQ) (cue)"
FILE "David Gilmour - Live At Pompeii (24bit, 96kbps).m4a" BINARY
    REM GENRE "Rock"
    PERFORMER "David Gilmour"
    TITLE "5 A.M."
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    REM GENRE "Rock"
    PERFORMER "David Gilmour"
    TITLE "Rattle That Lock"
    INDEX 01 03:13:00
    REM GENRE "Rock"
    PERFORMER "David Gilmour"
    TITLE "Faces of Stone"
    INDEX 01 08:34:00
    REM GENRE "Rock"
    PERFORMER "David Gilmour"
    TITLE "What Do You Want from Me"
    INDEX 01 14:35:01

Though mostly I've found that the files of the individual songs playback gapless when I'm using Media Server to stream to my HEOS system (AVR/amp/speaker), and also when using Plex. These two don't support CUE so I'm pleased that they are gapless!

Do you have issues with Audio Station playback when using a web browser and/or the mobile DS audio apps? It may be something to do with caching, as a wild, uneducated guess.
oh, forgot to mention, the problem happens with FLAC files,
other formats like ALAC, APE, WAV, WAVpak work fine :)
year later, DSM 7.1.1, and the problem is still not fixed,
just in case anyone runs across this issue,
(tested in all major current web browsers)

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