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I posted this question in "the community" curious if anyone here has insight:

I run scrubbing on both a DS1819+ and a 1522+ monthly. Noticing with the 1819+ that just one job runs and finishes, which usually takes ~24 hours, The 1522+ seems to kick off (2) Scrubbing jobs that take a total of ~2 days to finish. Anyone else seen this?
How/where do you set the resource level for a data scrub?
Frequency is set in Schedule Data Scrubbing but resource usage is the Resync Speed Limits in Global Settings.

You'll probably won't notice it happening on the 'Lower...' setting but it can take days. I do notice it can affect the NAS on '...faster' setting. Then you can choose the MB/s max/min in 'Customise'. You can always use 'faster' and set a schedule that pauses the scrub during your more active hours, but then that just makes it last longer too.

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