DDNS Customize localhost to Docker container

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DDNS Customize localhost to Docker container

I've setup a custom DDNS resolver for Cloudflare via Azure functions successfully, however, I was hoping to simplify this by just spinning up a Docker container on the nas with an endpoint to do the work; This has proved not so simple, ha. Right now when spun up I can hit the service and update the IPs successfully by hitting the NAS IP + port + endpoint on my local network but when creating the customize link in DDNS to http://localhost:8080/endpoint?alltheparams it just hangs and ends with "Operation Failed" after doing a "Test Connection".

I've also tried,, all still hanging for awhile then ending with the "Operation Failed" message :(

My thought is that Synology's DDNS service is using some outside service which is causing a timeout which in turn gives me the unhelpful "Operation Failed" error.

Has anyone dealt with this before?


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