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I'm seeing an issue today whereby the DDNS settings on the DS918+ are blank (instead of the external IP being shown) and the NAS is reporting there is no external connectivity. On checking the Synology account for the connection that reports all is normal.

I've rebooted the NAS and it looking at the Synology account it now shows that DDNS is offline. Hostname and IP blanked out...
Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 17.53.45.jpg

Any ideas folks?
Okay with Armor turned off there were no problems for 1 day, 1 hour 43 mins.

In progress now - removed the NAS entries from Armor, allowed it to re-add them, but have not added the NAS's to 'my devices'. Have also turned off DOS protection on the NAS LAN ports in cade it was conflicting.

If all remains well next step is to turn on DOS protection on each LAN port (separately) and see how it goes.

I'm trying to work through what could affect network connectivity on each device.
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I forget, is the Orbi the Internet firewall? If it is then the NAS will be exposed to all Internet inbound connections that are directed to ports that already have a port forward rule. You'll have to rely on just the NAS's firewall policy.

That's the usual way DMZ mode works on home routers.
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Synology have responded to me with:

Since you have contacted Netgear, if Netgear could provide any log or event record when dropping NAS connection, we might be able to check why this issue seems to occur on the DSM7.0 only.

I've asked Netgear if they can provide any logging (highly doubtful) but we'll see.
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Okay update..... Just had a long call with Netgear support, I've given them the details of the Orbi to allow them to log issues. I've turned Armor back on for now. They seem very confident they will be able to resolve the issues.
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Not counting any chickens, but ........... Since Netgear Level 1 support said they'd start logging I've not had one single problem with Armor blocking the NAS.....
Weird.. anyway I've got a call back from Level 2 support tomorrow at 14:00 hours.
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Well first failure today after 2 and a half days. Had a chat with Netgear Support and I've been taken through the logging process. So now capturing logs each day and have to report failures. So hoping a failure occurs quickly so I can send the debug logs on.
Have been escalated to level 2 support, next steps will be with engineering once the logs have been sent on.
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I'm wondering if Netgear has made some back-end changes already as when the issue first started we were offline 2-3 times a day. It's now 3 days 21 hours since the last connectivity loss.
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No ideas, I've not changed anything on my side at all. No feedback from them officially yet. Just weird that over the last few weeks the incidences of disconnection have grown less frequent. Maybe their AI engine has been learning?
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They did respond to me with:
Higher tier has provided an update, they said that case is being analyzed at the moment and they are not sure if changes has been done yet. They want you to monitor the issue over the weekend to see if it still continues.
So working through that rather broken English I think the fix has not been confirmed and rolled out globally yet. I did go back to them saying how long I've been running for without issue so hopefully the fix (whatever it is) may be rolled out globally soon.
Did you have an open ticket with them over it? If so I can reference it to them....
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