DDNS for Website but also need records that are not dynamic

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DDNS for Website but also need records that are not dynamic

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I looked thru the forum and could not find an answer to my question. I need a DNS service that will allow me to have dynamic DNS for a website hosted on the DS420+ Synology NAS but also records for mail hosted elsewhere. Does a "hybrid" for lack of a better word exist? I didn't want to start setting up accounts without knowing. Can anyone recommend a good DNS provider? Thanks in advance.
Yes fredbert. I have my own domain and need a DNS provider that allows DDNS for A record and static for MX records. I am using Custom Domain with Apple now so I need different MX records. Thanks.
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I’m sure others use other services but I seem to have settled with this: Namecheap for DNS and DDNS. But I couldn’t get DSM’s DDNS custom service to work directly with Namecheap, so I was using DNS-O-Matic* to act as intermediary.

Which worked with DSM and SRM but DSM 7 removed DNS-O-Matic from its builtin supported services. I use SRM to update DDNS, but it’s possible to write a custom DDNS service in DSM (I posted how to do this)**.

A DSM scheduled task can be scripted to update DDNS services. So there’s always some way to do it! I have a script prepared as a fallback option

*DNS-O-Matic is a service from OpenDNS, which I had used for years and the same free user account works for both.
**Edit: found the post... DSM 7.0 - DSM 7 removes some DDNS services
Thanks for the reply fredbert. After feeling around in the dark until late last night I was successful in getting dynu.com to work with Synology. It is working like a champ and is no cost. Thanks for your reply!!!
Who is your domain hosting provider? Some have ddns capability built in
I was using Hover for DNS and Mail but they don't do DDNS. I wanted to host a website on the Synology so I switched to DYNU and moved the email over to Apple iCloud Custom Domain. I am transferring my domain over to DYNU.

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