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Tutorial DDNS with AWS Lambda and Route53

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Tutorial DDNS with AWS Lambda and Route53

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DDNS with AWS Lambda and Route53 - Steps and sample code to setup DDNS with AWS Lambda and Route53

Step 1: Create a new Lambda function
Login to AWS
Go to: Services > Lambda
Click “Create function”
Select “Author from scratch”
Fill in the “Function name” field with whatever name you like
Select Node.js 10.x from “Runtime”
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Click “Create function”.

Step 1.1: Add a Trigger
In the “Designer” component, select “Add trigger”
Under “Select a trigger”, select “API Gateway” (it should be the first in the list).
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Is the free tier sufficient? I am sure Lambdas are covered up to millions of calls, but is Route53 going to cost?
I am running a VPS with my own dyndns services - which bases on a simple container that applies the changes to the DNS-API of my provider. Though, the lamda version is way more sexy :)
but is Route53 going to cost?
It currently costs $0.50 per "Hosted Zone" per month. In other words, per domain per month, but you can sub-domain until your heart's content at no extra cost. I don't think Lambda is even worth trying to calculate, but that said, the only unknown here is how Synology's DDNS service actually works, and how many requests it's going to make (can't imagine it's more than one per hour, max).

Though, the lamda version is way more sexy :)
I really like it because I already use AWS, but it might be more hassle than it's worth for most people. The tutorial makes it look harder than it is though, because I wanted to detail every single step, just to make it fool-poof. It should only take 10 minutes once you get started.
This is fantastic, but I can't get it to work... I've been thinking about this for ages!
DS says

If I call the API endpoint in a browser I get:


Is there a way I can easily/successfully test or troubleshoot the API?



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