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De-duping in Plex

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I often end up with multiple instances of the same episodes of the same tv shows in Plex. For example, using the download filter in Download Station, I might end up with a few versions of last night's Late Night with Stephen Colbert - a couple of 1080p versions, a few 720, etc. I can reduce the redundancy in my filter settings, by specifying, e.g., Late Night.*1080 or whatever, but if I get TOO filtered, I might end up with nothing, as the available options are not consistent from night to night.

Bottom line, I'd like to be able to de-dupe the collection in Plex on an automated basis. That is, rather than filtering to prevent downloading duplicates, perhaps removing duplicates once they've been downloaded, preferring to retain the "best" version of all the duplicates. (I know about manually getting Plex to display duplicates, and attacking them one by one, but this takes forever). Plex offers no internal utility to do this.

The BEST conceptual option I've found is this one: l3uddz/plex_dupefinder It looks fantastic!
But it requires Python 3.6+, which is not where Synology is yet, and it's not clear to me that it would run on the Synology.
Would it be possible for someone who knows what they're doing to package this as a Docker container?
Or is there another solution to my problem? I'm sure I'm not the only one.


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Interesting. I'll keep an eye out for this. Still, I'm in no position to have duplicates in the first place, considering that all the filtering is being done on the sonarr and radarr side, to begin with. In a rare case, I have to deal with multiple versions.

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