Degraded drive alarm - next steps

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Degraded drive alarm - next steps

DS1019+ 5 bay
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So my Synology DS1019+ 5 bay has a bunch of 6TB WD REDs in it which stores movies,photos and also holds surveillance footage from 6 home cameras and the other day it started beeping.

Logged in and saw a degraded warning on disk2 (WD RED 6TB 2014 build date)

I have now shut it down and removed that disk. Hooking it up by sata usb to my laptop and running WD utilities on it it passes the first 2 tests buut displays as 0gb.
In win10 it also shows as 'not initialized'

Has this disk completely failed or can it be reccovered?

I have ordered a replacement 6TB WD RED so do just put this in and in DS manager set up the replacement?


Thanks Rusty.
Should I leave the DS off until this arrives to be safe? I dont mind doing so.

Can the old drive be used or accessed for anything? or not worth it?
Suggest you leave the DS off, because if another disk dies before you've replaced this one, your data is toast. I would junk the old drive, unless you have data to put on it that you absolutely don't care about, in which case you've got a science experiment on your hands.
Suggest you leave the DS off, because if another disk dies before you've replaced this one, your data is toast.

In reality data loss when another drive fails is more like a gamble then a binary situation.

If all drives are of the same type and size, loosing another drive typical IS recoverable with minimal data loss if the failed drive is not teribly damaged (!). Synology uses basic linux tools to create their raid/shr volumes. With those tools you can check the state of the multi-disk-array and forcefully join a freshly failed drive back into the array. Typicaly the mdma event-state of the freshly failed drive is either identical (best case) or close to the other drives event-state. If the event-stats are identicle there is no data loss, if they are not, the latest written data will be lost.. typicaly we are speacking of a couple of kb to mb's. And the good part is: fire up a support ticket and let the Syno-Tech guys do this for you :)

Thus, said: I agree with akahan's recommendation to turn off the box.
You can hot-plug your new disk, as I've just done myself after one (4TB) disk crashed. Once I had the clone repaired though (8TB), I chose to archive the original healthy disk (before it crashed too) & add a few more. Took the opportunity to switch off & spring-clean & spray the contacts. 4 x 8TB (Seagate Ironwolf) to replace my 2 x 4TB in my DS416.
backup, backup, backup
don’t use RAID primary purpose = data availability = as self satisfaction that you have backup. No. RAID isn’t backup of your data. It’s just a dream when someone expect, that RAID will save his mental health in such cases.
Another problem as you can see is the single large disk group (5 HDDs). You have to switch off your NAS till you will receive new HDD for the array rebuild. This is a tax for such data storage architecture. Second tax is long time for such rebuild, even when someone use >10TB disk capacity in this scenario (frequently seen in this forum).

Don’t buy your NAS, till you don’t have satisfied data storage draft created.

no way how to initialize the HDD in Windows, if the disk drive has been part of the SHR. You need LVM.
When you need mount such disk drive and save data, you need Linux based OS. Then you can use such tested guide from our forum.

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