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Still searching.... I migrated my Apple libraries (still a bit screwy) and have found a ton of duplicates... want to try a thinning. Not worried if if fails as I have not deleted the Apple libraries but would like to avoid any additional pain in this process. Is there within Synology Photos...a method for this?....or must I put the big pants on on learn a new complex (for a semi-beginner) 3rd party or terminal process? Happy New year everybody ... or at least live long and prosper.
explained here:

thanks jeyare... I have done minimal command line work in terminal and have those trepidations of completely screwing things up... but would be very interested in giving it a 'go"
I am on an Apple MacBook Pro latest OS. The 220+ is up to date on 7.
Excuse my ignorance but do I enter via terminal on laptop or do I enter in via browser> Synology > Control Panel> terminal? And if then in cut and paste there th bash script you put in thread listed above?
The old saying comes to mind.... "when you are on thin ice you might as well dance"
what exactly bash script did you mean? I don't have a crystal ball ;)

via browser> Synology > Control Panel> terminal
you can set the port of the SSH communication and security settings for such service.
For the rest of the SSH (terminal) jobs, you can use Mac Terminal. But you have to use the SEARCH tool in this forum to find keywords: SSH, terminal, ... and read first about it, then you can test your knowledge.

To be sure:
for the stage of your knowledge is better to test every new script within a sample directory - if you break something, it won't hurt
what exactly bash script did you mean? I don't have a crystal ball ;)
Soory ...I attach the Bash screen copy below. Thanks I will


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    Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 1.05.26 PM.png
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First, your screenshot is pointing to Exiftool deployment, which can’t help you with the primary problem (it has another useful purpose).
For deduplication of your photos you need use something useful in your Mac environment. In this case I don’t have idea what is most similar to the Duplicate File Detective (it is just for Win platform).

I have used this in the past (multiOS tool):
but it is (even in the current version) almost a dangerous tool for beginners, as something I would like to recommend to such a target group. Because you can easily lose data.

don’t use any script in your terminal when you aren’t 99.9% sure what you will (probably) get. Otherwise it will hurt.
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Yes i have the fear of terminal god in me .... I have all photos still on mac in apple photos as well as all of them in Synology Photos... duplicates abound in both platforms. I did download Dupguru but running OS 12.0.1 it will not allow me to open as it can not be scanned for malware


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Well this is a good idea. Yes I have Docker installed and have been playing around with the Wordpress. So just a beginner at it but it seems straightforward. Thanks for the steer I’ll see what I can do with that. Appreciate the help.
I think y'all would laugh at my staggering around in my NAS. I was able to download the container Czkawka and made a folder in the Docker folder (as I did for the Wordpress (which works and the Handbrake which doesn't yet)... and I made a shortcut ... but the url doesn't have the port listed at thew end so obviously I screwed the pooch on setting that up. I wander around trying to remember (the last container had a nice step by step) how to do that. Quite honestly sometimes I don't have a clue what the vocabulary means. So much for 5 years of Latin class .... probably should have taken Greek. Anyway if somebody has a few minutes with nothing to do but help the feeble.... what are the steps? I did find and follow the attached steps below


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That screenshot is for updating a container. It sounds like you are trying to construct and launch the container. What is it?

To create the container... (tweaked jlesage instructions)

docker run -d \
    --name=czkawka \
    -p 5800:5800 \
    -v /docker/czkawka/config:/config:rw \
    -v /path/to/photos:/storage:rw \

Where /path/to/photos is pointed to your photos containing folder.

Then launch ...

I am new to Synology and also completely new to docker. Usually I understand enough to get started but here I am just lost. I can't understand how to install the czkawka util. Can someone please guide or direct me where to start?

Not so bad, there were a few questions marks (Som thatI also stil have) but I got it working when I looked into the help inside DSM for Docker.

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