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Delete Pics by age or folder size 2022-02-11

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Delete Pics by age or folder size

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Jan Janowski submitted a new resource:

Script file - Script file for deleting Pics by age or folder size

I can't take credit for this....
I've been using multiple copies of this script file, running as timed script file for years... running at 3-4AM to delete old pictures by age, and by overall directory size.

You edit the script file:
1. To add the location of the folder the pictures are in: In this case /CAMERAS/DRIVEWAY/
2. You specify The MAXSIZE the folder should be in MB: In this case 50000
3. You specify The MAXDAYS to adjust the desired retention date: In this case 45 (days)

and then...

Read more about this resource...
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Today Examined the contents of each of 13 camera folders that the 13 timed script files are applied to....
Last time I did this was 6 months or more ago.... 2 of 13 folders needed maximum size adjusted... due to changes in activity in front of cameras. My 'target' is keeping images 45 days before deletion, and each folder a custom maximum size, based upon that camera's activity.... Both settings are adjustable, as is the location of the folder the script file is applied to.
Absolutely flawless operation... These first added as timed script files in 2019-2020
PS: These folders are then Shared folder Sync'd to other NAS's, distributing the truncated directories to other locations, as backup copies.... That action is also flawless in year's of operation...

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