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Hello there guys, I just deleted ''home'' folder of my main user (as admin) and this got me some problems ie with a picture I was hosting with web station.
Can I remake the home folder of my user? (ofc I have the ''enable home service'' option enabled) I can browser the data with file explorer but I cant bring it back to ''shared folders''

thanks a lot
The user’s /home folder is a pseudo-folder of /homes/username. Is the latter still there? What happens if you disconnect from the NAS , does it get recreated next time you connect/login?

If you are using the default admin account then it is recommended to create a new administrator account, and disable the default. The default is well-known as are the default DSM TCP port numbers. Might as well make life a bit hard for scripted hackers.
Yes I have an admin-rights user but was experimenting with the real admin.
Ye I checked that in fact they are like mirror thats why I deleted it but now it wont appear again... Even if I log out and log in... Any ideas?
The /homes and /home folders should never be modified in any way, including permissions. Changes have irreversible effects.

At this point you should disable homes service and rename any remaining /homes folders you wish to retain (including /homes), then re-enable homes service (or leave it disabled, and create your own preferred directory structure) and it will recreate the /homes structure.
I can see the file from file explorer, and also through webDav at my desktop.
How can I mirror it again to shared folders?
Hey there guys,
anyone able to help please? I can see ''home'' folder on file explorer but I cant bring it back to ''shared folders''
Anyone can help me on this?
I stoped and started again home service but it didnt auto-create the home folder..

thank you
If you can see 'home' when mounting in Windows File Explorer (using SMB and/or WebDAV) and File Station then I would say it's working. Where is it missing that you expect it to be visible?

What do you mean by 'mirror it to shared folders'? Where are you looking for 'shared folders'?

If you mean in the list of Shared Folders in Control Panel then your own pseudo-folder you see as 'home' won't be listed. The actual location of 'home' is in Shared Folder 'homes' and mapped to /homes/<username>.
If you mean in the list of Shared Folders in Control Panel then your own pseudo-folder you see as 'home' won't be listed. The actual location of 'home' is in Shared Folder 'homes' and mapped to /homes/<username>.
yep files arent deleted just the pseudofolder
I was able to see it just before I deleted it at the list of shared folders
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Solution provided in my upstream post. Did it not work?
1st I didnt understand what you meant by renaming all homes folder but now that I read it again I got it. Going to try it now
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it wont let me rename homes folder, not even as admin signed in... Any chance restarting NAS will help? got no idea...
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You must be logged in with Administrator credentials. Later, when all is settled and files are moved to the active /homes structure, the renamed directory can be deleted. If you cannot rename as an administrator, SSH in as "root" and rename. [Note: I'm presuming you have already disabled "home service"]

In other words.... backup homes, disable user home service, delete homes, enable user home service, restore all personal data (home folders).
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I just created a homes1 folder and I pressed cut the contents of 4TB... it says 1 day remaining... wtf I thought it would be fast like renaming....
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ok transfer fisnihed.. now going to try join as root...
I was able to delete it from admin account, reenabled it and it didnt work... only homes folrder visible in shared folders..
is there any way i can make my home folder shared?
Yep as fredbert mentioned above but its strange because I am 90% sure it was at the shared folders also...
Well ok lets live it as it is.. thanks for your time guys really thank you

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