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Deleted threads over in the Community

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O my.... those red birds are angry...

They deleted 3 of my posts this evening. In two I mentioned this forum. They were deleted on "commercial" grounds. Commercial? Humbug.

A third was deleted because I criticized a recent change in the forum which they claimed to be a duplicate post (?). Apparently, if you dissent, you are eliminated and sent off to the labor camp for re-education.

Coincidentally they now lock threads as well. For example this one...

"New forum is a disaster"

Such a shame.
Hm, yes, I saw that too. Well, we can't do anything here, but it's really not a good practice.

They're also blocking their search engine for word "synoforum". If you add this to their search engine, you get only 2 posts from 10 years ago.

They only confirm that they're "scared" of SynoForum :cool: ... instead of re-think everything.

But ok, it's cool with me and it's even better for SynoForum.
Ego is man’s worst enemy.

Come to think of it, maybe it’s a cultural thing, saving face and all that.
No one dares to talk about the emperor’s new clothes!

You are so right.
In that part of the world no one ever tells the boss, that he is mistaken.
This attitude from pilots has caused a few planecrashes over time.
I wouldn't take any pill. Really. I'm not saying everything is perfect in my life, but life is as it is. Every experience, good or bad, is good for your mental development.

Believe me, I wouldn't be a happy child if I knew so much about this world at age of 10 :)
Believe me, I wouldn't be a happy child if I knew so much about this world at age of 10
Well said. Something to think about :)

But not choosing is not an option above. Nevertheless, you get extra marks and a cookie for thinking outside the box :)

Now go back and choose :)

You reminded me of Zig Ziglar. In one of his presentations (about sales and the power of persuasion) he was saying that when he was young he used to go to an ice cream parlor to buy milkshake. The guy always asked him (and showed him) one egg, or two eggs to be included in his milkshake (of course, to charge him more).
He said I've always choose one option, until it occurred to me that I can say "no eggs". It was the power of asking and showing the eggs that implied that those were the only choices :)
Unfortunate behavior, IMO. I wish Synology staff would be more wise then acting like a child.

But at least they acknowledge more or less that they made a huge mistake introducing the new "Community" when acting like this.
But not choosing is not an option above.
There should always be a choice. My choice. Your choice. If I can I always avoid choosing between the bad choices. I know, sometimes you must, but when is this? In a real free world, without any kind of ideology, you can always have your own way. I really believe in that. I want to believe in that. People made systems (any kind), but often we get a system error because it's a big possibility that the system is not natural and it will not work with the laws of nature.

Actually, like Zig Ziglar's motto: "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want."

That's true! Everyone should try it sometimes!

*sorry, @Telos , we've completely hijacked this thread. I'll punish myself. No cookies for me.
This is quite vexing to me. I want to help other users, but doing so under such a repressive regime is quite taxing.

This must be a reflection of the culture running the board... a world where surveillance and social credits determine your "freedoms".
repressive regime
Wow. That’s what you’re calling them now :D

It’s just a forum. Just don’t go there. I gave up on them a long time ago. I don’t go there and I try not to talk much about them (good or bad). I’d like to help as much as the next guy, but that platform is hopeless, and the search engine is powered by an IQ of a boiled potato.

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