C2 Storage Deleting files from C2 Cloud

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C2 Storage Deleting files from C2 Cloud

My C2 Cloud storage is at capacity. To continue HyperBackup, how would delete files in the Cloud backup? Backups of retired servers have been deleted when Tasks for those backups were deleted from the Synology NAS RS632.

HyperBackup has 1 task which included all the folders on the Synology NAS.
There are two C2 plans:

Plan 1 has up to 1TB of storage and includes up to 30 days of versioning. To release storage you have to delete unwanted tasks. You may also have to log onto the C2 web portal and delete their associated vaults (folders).

Plan 2 is for over 1TB of storage. Any storage required for file versioning is take from your contracted storage allocation. But this plan includes data deduplication. To reclaim storage you can do the same as for Plan 1, or edit the HB tasks and reduce the number of recovery versions.

Which plan you have will dictate what options you have available to you.

I have Plan 1 and deleting tasks and their vaults has released the storage that they occupied.

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