DSM 7.1 Deny delete files / folders created by other users. Only owner or admin can delete

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DSM 7.1 Deny delete files / folders created by other users. Only owner or admin can delete

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I have a brand new DS420+ that will be used by multiple users by synology drive / smb via openvpn.
Is it possible to create some restriction that deny one regular user do delete file / folder created by another user?
We bought the nas because We are a scouts Group with only one Computer that has multiple hdd. Some weeks ago some files disappeared. They has been deleted by someone for sure. Now with the nas every user has your own login and password for nas all will use more via personal Phone and personal Computer.

The idea is that one user can only delete files that has created. Can see, copy files from others but not delete.
Is that possible?
Granular and partial permissions can be set and configured on any level of folder/file structure. You can even hide folders from one user and make them visible to another.

Using File Station > properties and then permissions, you will be able to set rules per user or group(s) as you see fit.
Probably some is missing me. In the permissions I only have "delete" and "delete subfolders and files".
I'm looking for some of, for examples "delete files from other persons".
Permissions > Advanced option (dropdown menu) > Permission Inspector

Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 10.59.12.png
I have that. But related to delete only the 2 options I said before
Well, you will not have a single-button solution. You need to configure settings per folder depending on the user/groups that need it. For one user for example you will deselect options for deletion, while other groups or users will have that option.

Just be sure to select the correct user/group from the dropdown menu above the settings.
I want that any user can delete files / folders since that file /folder Was created by themself.
You are saying to me to disable delete permission for user in specific file / folder. That is not what I want
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With your solutions user can not delete at all. I want that user can delete but only files that uploaded or created by himself
That is not what I want
Well, that's what you get. What you are asking is that the owner of the file can manipulate the file and delete it, but not anyone else. Maybe this can be sorted by using specific folder(s) for each user. That way each user will be separated and allowed control of their files.
I want, for example, one share with name "photos". All users can upload and view. But no delete. The "Joe" user only can delete photos upload by "Joe" user. He cant delete photos uploaded by "Smith" user but can see them

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