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Question DHCP relay?

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Anyone knows if the Synology router has a DHCP relay?

I remember when I was on Cisco routers a long time ago (when the rock fell and killed all the dinosaurs, around that time) that there was an IP Helper command that assists with such broadcasts. Anything like that?
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Not aware of it.

The Cisco router, AFAIK, still have DHCP relay and is how a centralised DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) can be configured to pass DHCP to hosts.
Thank you. Exactly. I’ve never touched one (Synology router that is) but I keep hearing that it’s sophisticated.
There are a lot of more configurable and functional devices out there, but SRM devices are aimed more at home users with simple networks than businesses with segmented networks. But then I see these at business prices.

Take the firewall function: this is aimed at an outside / inside topology where WLAN and LAN are trusted (ok, so Guest WiFi can be separated and set to access just the outside, but generally this is the case).

But for business firewalls the devices will have independent interfaces and each can be configured into its own zone/subnet. Here the firewall is a router for the connected networks and, most variants, won't differentiate that one interface is outside so the firewall policy must be defined to manage all traffic from every interface to every other. Not only that, the interfaces can support VLANs so that multiple logical connections can be presented on a single physical interface.

Having said this, the SRM devices provide a good level of functionality for home and simple business use. For Mac users of Airport devices, like me, then it's a big step up in functionality. There's bit of a step up in knowing the interface, but at least it's not tied to a Mac/iOS app.

Some have said they have issues with Time Machine support. I use an old Iomega ix-2 NAS for Time Machine and it occasionally suffers from needing the backup to be started afresh. I also use Drive for working docs (with Hyper Backup) and Carbon Copy Cloner to rotate full disk clones. TM is only used to get a very recent saved version.
As I said, I never touched one or bothered to read about it. A friend asked for my help and I thought let me see before you cough up the big bucks for a Cisco or something similar. Thank you for the thorough explanation.

And you were saying you only shout RTFM! More cookies for you :)
Just checked on my Synology RT2600AC - no DHCP relay options.

There are 2 DHCP servers that you can configure (one for your wired clients and wlan clients connected to primary WLAN SSID, the other is for guest WLAN clients connected to guest network with the other SSID).

Would agree with @fredbert and his assesment of the SRM based devices usage. Sure, there are other devices in the same price range that are more configurable, yet none of those are as easy to configure for "non tech savvy" people (reffering to those who do not deal with IT environments or networks to earn a living).

Everything is configured through nice GUI, basic services are easy to set up, there are packages to install if you want something more than just a router/AP and support from other users and manuals is decent enough.

Saying all that, I have no regrets buying my own.
Sure, there are other devices in the same price range that are more configurable, yet none of those are as easy to configure for "non tech savvy" people (reffering to those who do not deal with IT environments or networks to earn a living).

I'd add that those that are tech savvy might want to leave the day job at the office. Though I've colleagues that do have mini-datcentres at home, just for kicks!

For my quiet life, so long as the family can access the Internet and our media on the TV/devices then that's the minimum requirement, the rest is for fun.

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