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Solved direct access to Drive

Hi :)

I want to create a user with access to the Drive without being able to go "somewhere else" or to see the diskstation home page; only specific folders in the Drive. Most people would say to share a link to the folders, but it would be better to have the login page (username/password) for more professionnalism (business : they don't have to log again). My question : is there a way to configure the Drive to appears immediately when logged in ?

Thank you, have a nice day !
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Setup the user privileges first.
Configure the application portal. Control Panel > Application portal > Drive.

You should end up with such login screen and landing page:

173386C3-661D-4C41-8437-4B05C3A7CC95.jpeg 271375D2-E689-46DB-AB7F-B3E9C80483E9.jpeg

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