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NAS DiskStation DS718+


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DiskStation DS718+ - High performance NAS optimized for intensive workloads
Flexible scalability meeting growing needs
Powered by a quad-core processor and AES-NI hardware encryption engine, DS718+ delivers excellent file transfer speeds. With the scalability to expand up to 7 drives with Synology Expansion Unit DX517 and the support for real-time 4K/1080p video transcoding, DS718+ is ideal for centralizing data backup and storing ultra-high definition media contents.

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This model is really useful as primary Backup server for small group family devices (laptop, PC, ...) based on Synology Active Backup package, also for snapshot/replica and for Drive File backup (selected).
Tested. Perfect.

You can choose:
- JBOD (group of 2 disks) for final single volume. Then you can get really large space for backup. But you have to think about second backup space (another NAS or external disk), because you can lose partial or all data in this "bunch of disk". And it will hurt!
- RAID1 (group of 2 disks) for final single volume. Then you can get less space than in JBOD scenario. But you can get Redundant environment, when you will lose single disk you still have chance to keep data in second one. Then there is no need to waste time if SHR (for two disk its RAID1 also) or RAID1 = because in this case it's same. Also you need think for backup of such data to another environment. But the chance of lose the data is smaller than in JBOD.
It's my secondary Plex, Docker etc server with all SSD in there. Just need a bit more rum bump (to 16GB) and its practically 918 with 2 bays. Both 718 and 918 are the same for me in terms of their roles. Not a primary storage unit but very very capable.
As you can see it's working normally.

This is image URL:

Like already said before, this is not on our side.

If you can't post it, then make a screenshot of that image and paste it here.
This website is the only website that has the problem. So there is a problem with this website for not showing this image:
If you can't post it, then make a screenshot of that image and paste it here.
Don't bother. Sorry if we are providing such a bad platform and support. Again, I've tried your image URL on the official XenForo platform and it was not working there either. And on several other XenForo sites. Same result. Not sure what else to do here, but I'll investigate it further.

Now let's stick to the topic:
DiskStation DS718+
I just loaded the URL in Safari and in worked. So I enabled Web Inspector (Develop menu item) and I see this error. The error cleared and didn't reappear on reloads. But it came back after doing Empty Cache and a reload.

I can't see why a favicon would cause a failure to load, but it's the only error.


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