Info DMARC adoption report (email servers)

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Info DMARC adoption report (email servers)

Interesting chart. I have implemented DMRC on my poor DS118 email service. I can’t understand why a huge company can’t (or won’t) do it!
Who exactly are you reffering to ("huge company")?

No. 2 on the chart is “have an MX record”! Can one run an email server (service) without an MX record?!

Internally yes maybe, but not over the Internet. Setting this up is very easy, so I don't know why you shouldn't.
Security is problem anywhere. And also in the basic level. Last week in one of Croatia marina I tried to connect to every single available wifi hotspot by standard wifi password “name of charter company”. 90% success. Then connect into gateway (mostly single type of portable LTE gateway) through address and password “admin”.100% success. Then you can re-setup the network, what is not tech heavy action. Then you can connect into B&G navi devices and re-setup basic values as compass calibration, declination, deviation, map setup, what is dangerous for sailing newbies ..... or boat stereo volume.
Of course, this not part of my approach. Just inform you, how insecure environment we can use. Or they use.

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