DSM 7.0 Do any USB nic adapter work in DSM7???

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DSM 7.0 Do any USB nic adapter work in DSM7???

That's why I asked. I was under the impression they no longer work under dsm7. There doesn't happen to be a list anywhere? I tried searching on Synology site but I couldn't find anything?

If it's trial and error that's ok too ... But a list of working compatible ones would be awesome.
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2.5G and 5G Synology compatible packages (drivers for r8152+ and acq111 chipset NIC adapters)
2.5G Releases · bb-qq/r8152
5G Releases · bb-qq/aqc111

Packages available for DSM6 and DSM7 (also - my 5G Sabrent/DS1520+ works on DSM7.1)

Download the package version for the CPU in your Synology
What kind of CPU does my Synology NAS have? - Synology Knowledge Center

DSM7+ - Must follow the Github instructions after first package install fails (Run sudo command in SSH - Putty). 5G/2.5G devices work excellently after sudo command/reinstall package (after first install fail - running sudo command - package will install/run properly).

I use this 5G on my DS1520+ ---> Sabrent USB Type-A or Type-C to 5-Gigabit Ethernet Adapter [10/100/1000/2500/5000 Mbps] (NT-SS5G) ($70) and this ---> 2.5G Ethernet to USB Adapter, CableCreation USB 3.0 ($30). Available at Amazon (search the text above)

Connected to a NETGEAR 12-Port 10G Multi-Gigabit Plus Switch (XS512EM)

I get 200-230 Mbps (2.5G) and 350-425 Mbps (5G). Speeds will only be as fast as the slowest connected device. My DS1520+ NAS set up is 5 x 14TB (SHR1) Seagate Exos x16.
Another working setup, using the above mentioned install and config sources:
- Adapter Club3D (CAC-1420) USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A to RJ45
- DSM v7.0.1-42218 update3

I used 2 same adapters (one in DS918+, another in my desktop rig) connected to industrial grade mini router (Intel i225 v3 NICs) running OPNSense.

Small formfactor, usually warm to touch.
MTU 9000.
Transfer rates in region of 250-260MBps with solid excursions into 280MBps.
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Recently did a speed check 5GB Sabrent (see previous post) using 5G Releases · bb-qq/aqc111
Test went to apprx write 385 / read 425 then settled to slightly varying pictured values:

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