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Question Docker + Go (Golang)

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Hello, I have installed Golang image (Docker Hub) in Docker on my DS218+

and now I have a problem how to set and how to use this container Golang.

Can onyone help me please? I need to know how exactly to set Golang container (ports, volume, envs) and how to use then in browser, resp. how to work with it. The description in hub.docker is incomprehensible to me, and I can't do it in Syno-Docker according to this description :(

Thank you, Kamil (Slovakia)



welcome here

follow the official docker image:
1. you need create (Add folder) internal docker/golang in your NAS
2. then Mounth path in your container is: /usr/src/myapp
3. Port settings (haven't found) we will wait for another advices
4. Port settings for the Local port is up to your choice

no more usable info found there

@one-eyed-king do you have some hints? thx
This image is ment to be a base image, used to be in the FROM part of the Dockerfile of your own image.

There is realy not much information to work with here. I am afraid you will need to elaborate what the big picture is and what you tried so far to achive it... Environment variables, volumes and port mappings pretty much depend on what the application you are going to run inside the container requires.


v pripade tohto kontajneru je jeden problem. Samotny Docker, ktory spravuje tento kontajner nezverejnil nastavenie portov, nezverejnil nastavenie Environment variables.

Tvorcovia (Docker) skor pocitaju, ze si prostredie Go/Golang vytvori podla navodu kazdy sam a nasledne si ho spusti v kontajneri podla vlastbeho nastavenia.

Problem je ze nie je nastaveny vobec port, kde webserver ma na strane kontajnera zabezpecit pristup. Vtakom pripade je to skor hra na kamen/papier/noznice od 80 cez ostatne porty. Zial, toto je jeden z najmenej dobre popisanych kontajnerov.


kludne skusaj kontajnery, ktore najdes u nas v Resources:

naucis sa a pochopis, ako funguje svet kontajnerov

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