Solved Docker package doesn't start anymore

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Solved Docker package doesn't start anymore

DS209j | DS210j | DS410 | DS214 | DS216+II | DS916+
I just did an update of the Docker package to 18.09.0-0513
and now the package wont start anymore.

Not even if I try manually after a reboot:
ash-4.3# synoservicecfg --enable pkgctl-Docker
service [pkgctl-Docker] start failed, synoerr=[0x0000]

somewhere I read VPN Package blocks the new start ("Docker can't create a network for itself when starting if a VPN is running" Synology Community )
but stopping the VPN Server didnt help.

Any other ideas?
DS209j | DS210j | DS410 | DS214 | DS216+II | DS916+
just to let you know what caused the problem here a quick follow up

Synology support sent me this response after remote access:

Apparently the Network Database local-kv.db had been corrupted.

By renaming the File, Docker is not able to detect the existing corrupted Database and creates a new Database.

Docker was able to start with a new Database.

The Networksettings created in Docker previously will be lost however.

/case closed
Wow, glad they could sort it out. I never knew exactl where local metadata state was exactly stored. There are a couple of binary .db files in the root-data's subfolder. I probably would have deleted the whole root-data to reset the state to an empty state. Then I would have deployed all container from docker-compose.yml files again.

Learned something new today. Thanks for that :)

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