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From Syno support on the question of when will there be an update on Docker package.

First of all I would like to thank you for working with our products.

At the moment we do not have the resources to work on the update for this package.

We are collecting the ''feature requests'' for this update.

The more people asking for it, the higher the priority will become.

I have added your request to the ''feature request'' list as well.

Kind regards,

XXXX Product Manager Synology

Not that its not working ok, but still... :mad:
This is typical of Synology packages, particularly of those which aren't "in house". Syno's development philosophy seems more bent on "good enough" as opposed to continual development. OS development continues only to broaden the appeal to increased market penetration, and to keep pace with competitors. Otherwise, apps are bland and half-baked.
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Uhm, those are just docker images that contain Kopano releated services. Kopano is a group ware.

Replacing the Syno binaries with precompiled binaries from Docker does not work. Some kernel modules and tools are simply missing. Lets hope that DSM7 includes those missing bits and pieces.

What actualy might work is to use on of the "rootless" container solutions that are operated in the userspace. Plenty of them exist.

So far the only reliable way to run the latest Docker versions is to run a vm in vmm or on a different host (Intel NUCs are quite amazing, older versions can be bought for a reasonable price). I can assist on sorting out how docker volumes need to be declared in a docker-compose.yml to access cifs and/or nfs shares from the syno. Actualy it is not that complicated :)
you might want to read a blog post the author of dind wrote
But what you might want to use is running docker-compose in docker (with a dind enabled image) this way you can use more recent version than the one that comes bundled with Synology. This is also what I implemented in the "build" container within the linked Kopano images.
A build use case is somewhat not comparible (btw your usecase is exactly where the author of dind recommends dond) to day2 operations, where additional port mappings would require a restart of the dind container.

Though, it is a different thing if the dind container would use a macvlan interface with a static ip. Also you would need a volume bind to store the docker root-data folder from /var/lib/docker somewhere on the host.

Depending on your preference, you could create docker volumes accessing cifs/nfs for the containers inside the dind container or use another volume bind from the host to the dind container and from there to the containers inside the dind. I am certain they will need the bind propagation "shared".

Is anyone up to give this thought a test drive?
btw your usecase is exactly where the author of dind recommends dond
Ah, I did not dive deep enough into this topic to encounter the dond term (or it least it did not engrave into my brain). I think by coincidence I am actually using the dind image for dond (nothing is started in the docker container, but I use it to control docker on the host).
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I made a compose.yml of how a dind solution might look like.

version: '2.2'

    image:  docker:18.09.6-dind
    container_name: docker-dind
    privileged: true
    restart: always
    - /volume1/docker/dind/root-data:/var/lib/docker:shared
    - /volume1/docker/dind/data:/data:shared

    driver: macvlan
      parent: ovs_eth0
      - subnet:

run docker run --rm -p 80:8080 ehazlett/docker-demo to test the setup.
Point your browser to and see the docker-demo.

If you declare your host side of a mount bind as a subfolder of /data then the data will be stored on your nas.

Of course you need to modify the network and volume related parts to match your own environment.
Saw this on rededit. Take the Survey.......

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Thank you for writing in. The Docker package has received an update in March with a backported major security fix and was updated again on 5/14 but we understand it’s been a long time since the Docker version in the package was updated. But rest assured it’s never forgotten. Docker support has always been on the DSM roadmap.
Given the fact that there are so many ways to use Docker, can you share with us what you use Docker for? This will help us to ensure that our next upgrade ticks all the boxes. Please take a minute to fill in the survey.
Best regards,
XXXX| Product Manager Synology America Corp.

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