Question docker to allow ASP/IIS webserver?

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Question docker to allow ASP/IIS webserver?

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is there a docker that would allow me to run a webserver that supports Classic ASP as if it was IIS?
i'd rather not run a VM of windows just for this, as i only need to test and run such things every now and then.

Ideally if the docker would allow both Classic ASP, ASP.NET and php then it would hit all the requirements.

i see this Docker Hub but don't know if it's meant just for windows hosts or not.
I am afraid there is no IIS for the linux world. The Dockerhub link points to an image of a Windows container-image, which will not run anywhere else then on windows server.

I am not sure if there is anything in the linux world that is able ro run Classic ASP. With ASP.NET you could use Mono, with ASP.NET Core you could use one of the many images straigt from MS.

If you can provide the exact required version of Classic ASP, I can try to ask one of the .net architects from another department.
how would i know which specific version of Classic ASP?
in terms of IIS, it's been IIS 7.x that has been used.
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I have no clue about how things are done in the MS world or what details are important to decide how the solution needs to look like when it commes to custom developed apps.. My experience is limited to Java Enterprise/Spring, which always had linux support from the beginning.

I know about Mono because Sonarr used it (or is still using it?). I know about ASP.NET core, because I tinkered arround after work with the architekt of the other department and guided him thru how to bootstrap and use an EKS cluster on AWS.

Anyway, the more details you can provide about a problem domain, the better the helping person is able to find the right solution. I can try to discuss your objective with the architect and forward the question. They have a mix of old and new technologies, so hopefully your technology stack is somewhere in the mix.

Edit: ever considered to ask the question on stack overflow? The community is way bigger and chances are higher that you get an answer that helps to either solve your problem or understand why it can't be solved.
i don't have a problem with a domain.
all i'm asking if it's possible (via docker) to run a webserver that can server ASP pages (not ASP.NET)

and stackoverflow, personally i've found that stackoverflow is full of pricks (to put it bluntly).
they spend more time nit-picking over the format of a post, down to a misplaced full spot, rather than trying to help with the question.
I just talked to the guy. He said Classic Active Server Pages is an iterpreter language that come out somehere arround the time php5 was released, way before .net came arround. He suggest to migrate the application to .net core if you want to run it in linux containers.

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