Documentation search yields a couple bins full of stuff

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Documentation search yields a couple bins full of stuff

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Conversation with neighbor resulted in me looking for a document.... Stumbled onto a Warranty sheet for 320Mc SCSI-3 68 pin drive... (My Video Editing and DVD/BR Authoring system boots off SCSI-3)..... Well! Certainly don't need that! Find more, and More, AND MORE Documents covering long discarded, or upgraded stuff.... Software and Hardware Documentation... Pile on floor grows....
Get a Garbage Bin..... Cleanout begins..... When Documentation drawer's are updated, start in on Spare Parts & Hardware drawer.... Don't need this.... What? I Still Kept THAT?? Get another bin.... !!
3 hours later.... (Oh-Found info for neighbor in 15 min, but that was before the cleaning really began.....!!)

When I thought SCSI Drive Warranty paperwork was old.... I found Warranty documentation for oversize Maxtor "QuickView" PATA drives I used to put in LG 3410A DVR's to increase their HD Recording size in the 1990's! "Quickview" Drives had firmware to 'retry on data error' bypassed, for use in Home DVR's... Stick a normal drive in and it would pause on playback or even sometimes on recording... on a drive data error: Halting Record or Playback...

Then I found info on Composite or SVideo A/V to dv Converters.... Then Software docs: My original home-made NAS: Addonics Must be circa 1992-3?

How All that got through the 'Purging' that occurred in 2015 when we moved from Illinois to North Carolina I don't know...... I had purged all the PATA drives then, Knew I'd have Kept SCSI's for edit system, But today discovered a 250GB SATA Drive I didn't even know I had!!!! (I Think it was boot drive for 2005 Edit system, until I realized that Boot and Media on same buss caused Dropped Frames due to OS doing Housekeeping [And OS ALWAYS WINS in a fight over drive bandwidth!], while I was trying to record or playback video.... Moving OS to SCSI-3 fixed that...)

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