Does Quick Connect bypass firewall settings?

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Does Quick Connect bypass firewall settings?

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Does Quick Connect bypass firewall settings? Or, does it manipulate settings in the firewall?

Not sure which approach and settings to use yet. Ultimately I will probably do port forwarding and get a hosted name for DDNS. But for now I have a lot to learn and will use Quickconnect as a crutch. I won’t store anything critical or private until I know I have it all locked down properly.

I’m planning on setting rules something like this.

  • Allow 2 local PCs by IP to access DMS app as admin. Is static IP or Reserved Dhcp better for this?
  • Allow all other devices on my local network to access files and apps like video station, ds file, drive but not DMS.
  • Allow access to wordpress site on Nas, file and folder link sharing - United States only
  • Allow sync/backup to and from One Drive and Dropbox.
  • Deny All other.
Should I be using the allow by app name approach? Or is it better to figure out which ports these apps use and do it by port?
Does Quick Connect bypass firewall settings? Or, does it manipulate settings in the firewall?
Neither. Read on.

Analogy... You blocked your MIL from calling your mobile phone. However, you can call MIL from your mobile phone and initiate a conversation.
QuickConnect Relay uses a client connection created from the NAS outbound to the Synology servers. This connection is then used by the QR Relay to pass Internet connections to the NAS. There is no firewall bypass as such since you allow client outbound connectivity to standard web services.

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