Question Does Virus Scan influence "Access Date" for Cache Advisor?

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Question Does Virus Scan influence "Access Date" for Cache Advisor?

We just switched to a Synology system for our primary file share at work. I was waiting to get a bit of use out of the way before purchasing some SSD's for the cache features. Ran cache advisor on Monday (after one full week) and to my surprise 90% of the data was still warm. Close to 1 TB had been accessed between Friday and Saturday (we are closed Saturday).

I'm assuming this is because a full volume virus scan started Friday night. Am i on the right track here?

If this is the case, how does the cache system handle this? Will my full cache be filled with new and possibly unnecessary data each time the virus scan is run? Or does the cache also take into account how frequently a file is accessed.

Bonus questions:
How do we feel about "AntiVirus Essential"? Does it do the job or should I purchase McAfee?
Is there a way to have AntiVirus only scan files Created/Modified since last scan?
Some point of view to Antivirus in NAS:
1. Workstation as causal point of virus delivery to the NAS.
Never tried if the NAS Antivirus essential (or 100% same McAfee package) has efficient power to find a virus in received data. I don’t remember when last time I’ve seen virus in my PCs, because all of them use local Antivirus (and rational approach to potential virus sources). Then this NAS feature can be more likely pointless.

2. Workstation as receiver of an infected file from NAS. Again, if you have local Antivirus, then you are possibly at safe side of rational approach. Because you (be sure) use your workstation connected to others possible virus sources (internet, USB, etc). Then again the Antivirus in NAS is out of efficiency.
Used by me 2years and NAS never found an infection. Of course, it means nothing for someone.

3. NAS as:
- host of websites
- or backup of the hosts
- or use Download station (P2P)
it can be as first layer of help for e.g. malicious scripts and other infections detection.

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