doesnt have a valid ip configuration

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doesnt have a valid ip configuration

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Hello there guys!
Just before I pluged my laptop at my NAS and started copying data.
Suddenly without any action from me the connection was lost and not I cant connect to NAS.
When I try to diagnose connection it says I dont have a valid ip configuration.
Generally speaking, do you always need to tweaks ip etc when you plug in a new device on your network?
Or you also face those random disconnects?
bit frustrating to be honest...
do you always need to tweaks ip etc when you plug in a new device on your network?
No, but as you wrote, you didn't connect the device to the network, but rather to the NAS itself. Or have I read this wrong?

Just before I plugged my laptop at my NAS
Why are you connecting your laptop and your NAS directly?
good morning guys,
I now pluged in everything into a tplink switch, and pluged this into my internet router (in case the factory router wasnt working properly regarding communications..)
I have maped a shared folder via SMB, I choose 4TB of data from an hdd at my desktop and while I copy them, it loses connection.....
yesterday I had the same problem with my laptop....

Whats going on? I am pretty disappointed.... I am starting thinking that the NAS's ethernet card has problems... no idea what to do... Cant figure out why sometimes the connection is good and suddenly it loses everything and cant even browse it via file explorer....
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just tried again at my laptop... I browse the shared folder, and when I copy files, it is now stucked at ''calculating time'''
any idea what copuld be the problem? do you think its NAS's fault?>
yep i am using lan.
now i am getting these 2 results when i try to find nas. And I choose the available one, but I am wondering why it also has an unavailable...

The time I am writing this, the Status light of th eNAS os completely off, and I cant login either from desktop or laptop, I go to login portal, put my details, and the circle-loading just keeps rotating and I cant enter DSM...
Ups sorry... Nwm will retry tomorrow.. i hope my nas isnt faulty... Status lamp is off now...

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