Download Speed Issues with RT2600

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Download Speed Issues with RT2600

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Setup: I have a tower Windows 11 PC on a 1Gbps LAN directly into the Synology RT2600 connected to a cable modem and a 500 Mbps service. The PC has a PIA VPN. The router uses Threat Protection to inspect packets.

For a long time, I measured my VPN speeds at 160 Mbps with a VPN (PIA, OpenVPN). I became concerned I was not running the network at its full potential and investigated.

With the PIA VPN bypassed, I measured 300 Mbps.
I changed the PIA VPN protocol to use Wireguard, and the download speeds dropped to 30 Mbps, which made no sense since Wireguard is supposed to be much more efficient.
I discovered that if I reboot the Synology Router, the speeds with VPN (Wireguard) now measure 300 Mbps.
It has been holding up for a few hours now at 300 Mbps.

What is it in the router that is causing the download speeds to slow with Wireguard if I dont reboot the router?
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There was a thread. Years ago indicating that after a TP Version Update, there was no TP limitations on someone with 800/800 or there-abouts.
Would be nice to see if that’s changed!
My ISP only gives 200-20, so I’m not able to do a useful test.
I’ve seen what an ids can do to speeds eons ago.
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have you tried disabling threat protection to see if that boosts your speeds? Is the 500 Mbps service dedicated?
thanks for the reply. If I disable Threat Protection then the speeds go up but that is not an option for me, Threat Protection must be enabled. And after going to WIreguard Protocol and resetting the router now the speeds are approaching 300 Mbps with Threat Protection enabled.
The 500 Mbps is dedicated, but Im sure there can be times when congestion may reduce that but im seeing very consistent 300 Mbps download speed now after the router reset. The cable modem is spec'd at 400 Mbps max.
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I have tested this the box does not have enough horse power to do anything much above 200mbs to a external VPN provider
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I have tested this the box does not have enough horse power to do anything much above 200mbs to a external VPN provider
My experience is the same. What about a VPN onboard the RT2600, would it do better.?
How about the RF6600, does it have the horsepower to support 500 Mbps with TP on and an external VPN?
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Could not really comment
Mine was real life treating
But depending on how much through put you need you a processor or encryption chip u deal with it
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