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Downloading with VPN.

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Hello everyone, me again.

So I've searched this, seen lots of posts...

From what I gather I can't just have download station connected to a VPN, I've got to have the entire NAS, so it seems recommended to use VMM and another instance of DSM running via VPN to handle this, is it easy to do?

I see transmission with inbuilt VPN rules, can be downloaded via docker so it that a less resource hungry way to do it or not? Obviously you guys know better than me, I'm just googling the problem looking for tutorials.

Cheers all
A container has much lower overheads than a complete OS.
You could either use Transmission with a VPN OR (more complex) a VPN container and then specify that the Transmission and any other containers which need a vpn connection connect through that container to the internet.
see transmission with inbuilt VPN rules, can be downloaded via docker so it that a less resource hungry way to do it or not?
Both methods work. Docker would be preferred for this kind of situation considering torrent app is the intended target.
So I have been using the RC20 router for my work and I also use Nord VPN but recently I moved to Dubai for my work and hear when I try to open my VPN it shows me some error and warning that the uae vpn law is imposed to prevent using the VPN and I have to use it So how to solve my issue pls help me.
If you have access to any other custom VPN server outside the country you might connect to it using a TCP not UDP protocol on a custom random port (not the default 1194 for example). If the UAE telecom is not monitoring those ports specifically, you could exit the country that way.
There are a few counties in the Middle East that legislate that Internet access has to be via breakouts in-country. To by-pass this, even if technically possible, will be contrary to local law.

There may be permitted exceptions such as business WAN to corporate networks, whether by public or private links.

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